Bio Sculpture Gel with Snakeskin LIVE on the TODAY show

Bobbie Thomas, style editor for the Today show, features Bio Sculpture Gel live on national TV. The Snakeskin Nails were created by Bio Sculpture USA Educator, Terri Silacci, using Bio Sculpture Treatment and Color gels along with Bio Snake-Shed (100% real, naturally shedded snakeskin). Check out the latest fashion craze for nails developed exclusively by Bio Sculpture.

Bio Sculpture Gel with Snakeskin Behind-the-Scenes on the TODAY show

"Using real skin that was naturally shed and left behind by a snake that is healthy and unharmed, Silacci delicately adheres the skin to the nail and coats it with Bio Sculpture Gel. A manicure can last up to three weeks and a pedicure up to 12 weeks! This couture manicure and its synthetic version are capturing the attention of beauty buffs worldwide as the most chic way to indulge in your animal instincts — and finally match your nails to your handbag or shoes." - Bobbie Thoma.